BinaryAccelerated DigitalTM Signaling

BinaryAccelerated DigitalTM Signaling is based on Quantum processes that map and excite Quantum waveforms within input information. Having mapped these waveforms, the technology encodes binary switching into the internal construction of the excited information. This inversion from external digital switching to internalized Quantum switching increases the information loads that are carried by sequences of transmitted bits. This increase in information extends the ceiling of traditional networks, and their per bit 0 or 1 potentials, and enables existing systems to carry more information in less space. The inversion concurrently creates a ciphering that can only be decoded by the dual state architecture and cipher geometries within the InfinityCoilTM microchips that created it, making the encoded signals impervious to hacking. As BinaryAccelerated DigitalTM Signaling traverses the world’s existing digital infrastructure it transforms ordinary digital networks into Quantum enabled super networks.