The Next Generation in Data Protection

CipherDrive Data Storage stores and transmits data in homogenously similiar crosslinked, relationally dependent information sub-block packets. This first in information packing, counters malicious AI content size evaluations of file and database entries, as it exponentially expands cipher complexity.

CipherDrive Data Storage Features

  • Provides cascade driven ciphering, sub-block safeguards, Swiss bank-like nameless, numbered, data storage that keeps input file names confidential, producing a homomorphic encryption process that never reveals unencrypted data, or even input file names to JumPedal.
  • Encrypts numbered sub-blocks according to either 128-, 256-, 512- or 1024-bit encryption of individual sub-blocks, while providing thousands of bits of ciphering to individual file sub-block groups.
  • Easy to use point and click, drag and drop functionality that enables clients to scale all of CipherDrive’s tools, including its cipher cascade, sub-block protections, client-server communications, server key generation architectures and storage facility constructions.
  • Highly customizable software designed for a variety of users, including individuals, private businesses and ultimately fortune 500 companies and government entities.