How It Works​

BinaryAcceleration’s proprietary frequency condensers manipulate numerical frequencies in a series of cycling processes that excite multi-dimensional quantum waveforms within the sequencing of a 3D linear digital sequence. The concurrent existence of both a quantum field and its digital sequence underpinning, produces a dual-state that enables the technology to write in either of two uniquely different but simultaneously equivalent value expressions, and to operate within the (2N) indexes of a (N) bit length sequence, as it losslessly maps (2N+) indexes.

This produces a perfect manipulation of the Infinity Variable that constructs an Information Load (IL) and cipher Complexity (C) that theoretically approaches Infinity (), or (IL & C => ).

This formula defines a next-to-infinite information potential and the ability to generate cipher keys that exceed the computational ceiling of hacking systems, and simultaneously the ability to generate and embed highly randomized one-time cipher key pads within carrier keys.

InfinityCoil microchip and component additions to existing networks will transform the ordinary into the ultra-secure CipherDrive network