InfinityCoil Microchip

JumPedal is developing the InfinityCoil microchip, which will be powered by BinaryAcceleration. This mathematical process encodes quantum waveforms into 3D digital sequences in processes that accelerate indexing as it abbreviates bit lengths without introducing information loss. This process redefines the limits of information theory and introduces a state of information capacitance that enables a digital sequence to carry more information than the limit of the digital bits that define it.  

BinaryAcceleration removes digital bits by converting them into quantum waveforms and indexing within the internal structures of the information itself. This switch relocation removes the relationship between the number of transmitted bits and the amount of information that is carried by the transmitted bits.

The InfinityCoil microchip will utilize its BinaryAcceleration processes to encode one-time-pads of unknown dimension into its quantum encodings in a key within a key dual key interlocking architecture that produces an unhackable key as every combination of an unknown key length will be equally valid and therefore impossible to decode.

The InfinityCoil microchip will be applied to critical industry segments of the CipherDrive network.