Quantum Capacitance

A state of Quantum Capacitance is achieved when the logically indexable content within a bit sequence exceeds the linear surface potential of its supporting bits. The surface potential of a single bit of information has been traditionally denoted as containing the expression of a random binary variable that can exist as either a single “0” or “1”. A single bit constructs two indexes, 2 bits 4 indexes, 3 bits 8 indexes, etc. and is naturally compatible with Base2 mathematics. A state of Quantum Capacitance is induced within the InfinityCoil’sTM dual state Quantum-Newtonian architecture, which has the ability to produce a simultaneously equivalent but uniquely differentiated Quantum and Newtonian expression of an input. Having produced a dual state, the InfinityCoil’sTM mechanisms encode the produced multi-dimensional Quantum expression into an index accelerated, potentiality enhanced linear bit description. This multi-dimensional encoding intrinsically contains a set of logically retrievable indexes that will exceed the 2N indexing that exists within the linear description of an encoded sequences supporting “N” bits. The InfinityCoilTM and its index accelerating BinaryAccelerationTM processes have the ability to establish a state of Quantum Capacitance without invalidating digital signaling architectures, and are correspondingly able to effortlessly transition through any digital network without inducing loss.


BinaryAccelerationTM is technical process that drives JumPedal’s InfinityCoilTM microchips. BinaryAccelerationTM seamlessly transitions information between Quantum and Newtonian states in a combined surface architecture described as constructing a next-to-infinite capacity transform surface. As BinaryAccelerationTM shuttles information across this surface, it encodes the Quantum’s multi-dimensional structures into Newtonian side potentiality enhanced digital sequences. The indexing of these encoded sequences will correspondingly exceed the information surface of the bit structures that define them. The rate of indexing per applied bit that is in excess of the linear capacity of the output bits, is the measure of applied BinaryAcclerationTM.

BinaryAccelerationTM is an index accelerator that strips a digital sequence’s 3D packaging from the pure information by translating that information into virtually dimensionless, digitally supported Quantum encodings.