Unlimited Data Through a Microchip

Revolutionizes Digital Devices

JumPedal has engineered a series of patent-pending innovations that we are optimizing to create a game changing “Information Capacitance Field Generating Microchip” named the “InfinityCoil™”. This revolutionary technology removes the burden of 3D digital packaging by mathematical processes that produce an identical recording of the information within a virtually dimensionless emulated Quantum state. Just imagine a picture hanging on a wall, and a picture in your mind. The picture on the wall is physically dimensional and the same picture in your mind is for all intents and purposes real, but non-physical and non-dimensional. It is the same picture, but it exists as a state-shifted mental picture. The first generation of our dual surface state-shifting chip and its supporting BinaryAcceleration™ processes, are being engineered to encode a megabyte of information per second, into several thousand BinaryAccelerated Digital™ bits. To summarize, InfinityCoil™ enabled communications will place especially large amounts of data into exceptionally small expressions that can effortlessly transition through any network.


BinaryAcceleration™ is the name of the technical processes and control system architecture that our InfintiyCoil™ microchips apply to escape the upward limits of 3D boundaries. BinaryAccleration™ is also the result that is achieved when the multi-dimensionally encoded information content within an output bit structure exceeds the linear capacity of the output bits. This achievement describes the development or generation of a state or field of information capacitance. We can say that the rate by which the information load has been accelerated, or the degree of contained information that is in excess of the linear capacity of the output bits, is the measure of BinaryAccleration™ that has been applied to the sequence.


Information Capacitance

Description for the Scientifically Inclined

A state of Information Capacitance is achieved when the logically indexable content within a bit structure exceeds the linear surface potential of its collective bit sequence. The surface potential of a single bit of information has been traditionally denoted as containing the expression of a random binary variable that can exist as either a single “0” or “1”. A single bit constructs two indexes (2 bits / 4 indexes, 3 bits / 8 indexes), etc. and is naturally compatible with Base2 mathematics. A state, or field of Information Capacitance, exists when the InfinityCoil’s™ dual state architecture encodes a multi-dimensional potentiality state into a linear bit description. This multi-dimensional potentiality encoding will intrinsically contain a numerical set of logically retrievable indexes that will exceed the 2N bit indexing that exists within the linear description of the supporting “N” bit series, and therein Base2 mathematics. Our InfinityCoil™ and BinaryAcceleration™ processes have the ability to establish a state of Information Capacitance without invalidating the Base2 mathematical system or digital signaling architectures, and are correspondingly able to effortlessly transition through any digital network.

See For Yourself

JumPedal’s “Information Capacitance Field Generating Microchip” named the “InfinityCoil™” and the process of BinaryAcceleration™ revolutionizes digital signaling.  In the scientific terms of the inventors own words, “this technology is capable of accelerating the number of logically indexable numerical sequences past the ceiling of base2 mathematics, without disrupting its digital carrier”.  In summary, our technology is on its way to becoming a universal and unrivaled solution to network inefficiencies.

Our InfinityCoil™ and BinaryAcceleration™ technologies are completing a sixteen month long independent evaluation that is being conducted by DynAlysis Software Analytics, Inc. and its founders. This evaluation has passed through multiple stages of validation that are currently focused on the technology’s ability to abbreviate the bit length of any random sequence without introducing either noise or loss.  Upon completion of the DynAlysis testing, we will provide access to a software based version of our InfinityCoil™ enabled BinaryAcceleration™ test bench, where members of the scientific and commercial communities can upload, encode, decode, and evaluate our ability to reduce the bit length of any random input.