Complete quantum protection for all your digital security needs.

JumPedal takes data protection to a new level of performance with the introduction of our CipherCorps Network, and the CipherCoil and InfinityCoil microchips. Our technology suite brings quantum protection to your data and upgrades existing networks, without requiring limited range fiber optics or expensive quantum computers.


CipherCorps divides messages across two completely independent networks, half of a message on a primary network and half on a secondary network for ultra-secure data storage and communications.


CipherCoil generates unhackable randomized one-time pad cipher keys that super charge the security of the CipherCorps Network.


InfinityCoil inserts unhackable quantum encodings as it ciphers and compresses the bit length of an input digital sequence, removing any information of the original bit length.

JumPedal is currently licensing CipherCorps, the CipherCoil and InfinityCoil technologies to strategic partnerships for beta testing, product integration, marketing and sales. We expect software-based systems to be available for commercial release in 2024, with hardware versions in 2025.