A Revolution in Digital Security

JumPedal is redefining secure communications for the quantum age. We are innovators and scientists, and are the creators of the CipherDrive Network, the InfinityCoil Microchip and BinaryAcceleration mathematics, which together signal the future of digital security.

The Solution to Digital Hacking

Malicious computing clusters will soon be able to shred the world’s public and private cipher keys, making personal and corporate systems terminally vulnerable. The power of quantum computing, combined with the tectonic forces of AI algorithms, will necessitate a global shift in the way information is shared and stored.

JumPedal’s CipherDrive Network is a game-changing solution to this imminent threat, beginning with the rollout of our ultra-secure data storage application and culminating in the release of the InfinityCoil Microchip and BinaryAcceleration.

Development Phases

CipherDrive Network is being developed in three phases, with technological innovations that will revolutionize data security with each new stage:

  • Phase One: CipherDrive Data Storage 
    The introduction of our cloud-based storage application uses a unique cascading cipher system to convert data into uniform, crosslinked sub-blocks that are impervious to both AI algorithm pattern tracking and quantum cipher key factoring.
  • Phase Two: CipherDrive Client-to-Client Networking
    The addition of our dual server half key/half key cipher network architecture exponentially increases security as ASIC latency inhibiting chips accelerate network speed.
  • Phase Three: The InfinityCoil Microchip powered by BinaryAcceleration
    The InfinityCoil Microchip will operate BinaryAcceleration, JumPedal’s advanced quantum index accelerating mathematical process. This revolutionary signaling technology embeds a quantum signal into digital sequences, creating highly randomized one-time pad cipher keys that can be communicated across any network and produce an unhackable interlocking double key cipher.