JumPedal Corporation

JumPedal is an IT company. We have developed a software version of a technical process that is capable of cipher compressing the bit length of any random digital input without introducing loss. This technology’s dual-state design architecture, enables us to erase 3D digital structure by recording information as “non-dimensional potentialities”. These potentials, or ways the information could be encoded, are combined into digitally supported information fields that contain more information than the bits that define them. We are able to amass the information within these fields, and in so doing, exponentially reduce the bit lengths that are transmitted or stored.  We are transferring this game changing process to silicon chips that will be marketed under the trademark, InfinityCoil™. The first InfinityCoil™ microchip and its information load improving BinaryAcceleration™ processes, are being engineered to encode a megabyte of information per second, into a few thousand output bits, or BinaryAccelerated Digital™ bits.


BinaryAccelerated Digital™ Signaling

Will Improve Communications

During the last century there have been two prominent methods of transmitting information. The first and original method known as analog, or waveform based signaling, is best known for the rabbit ear antennas that our grandparents had on top of their black and white television sets. This signaling was robust, as it could transmit tremendous volumes of information. However, it suffered from transmitting so much information that it became almost impossible to distinguish the signal from the background noise, commonly called “static”. Historically, people remember being awed at the TV, and simultaneously frustrated at the need to jump up to adjust the rabbit ears for “better reception”. Even though analog signaling had an almost infinite information capacity, its era was to end quickly. In 1948 Dr. Claude Shannon wrote a treatise that introduced the vastly superior methodology of digital signaling. This new communication system replaced its predecessors’ waveforms with strings of switches, or what is today commonly known as digital or binary bits of 0’s and 1’s.  Within several decades, this digital system swept the globe, virtually eliminating analog signaling in a fashion similar to the light bulbs extinction of kerosene lamps. But, that is not the whole story. Like its predecessor, digital signaling has its own set of limitations. Even though digital signaling is free from noise, the limitations on its capacity require today’s networks to send and receive millions of individual digital bits for the transmission of even a small amount of data. This limitation drives costs and sets the stage for the third, and possibly final phase in our history of information transmission – a breakthrough by way of JumPedal’s vastly superior BinaryAccelerated Digital™ signaling.

DynAlysis Software Analytics, Inc.We have found that JumPedal’s test-bench has a logical integrity and performance that accurately displays and reports factually produced results to the systems users. In addition to our initial review we have entered into an agreement with JumPedal for on-going monitoring of their test bench. This includes our ability to unilateral terminate test bench operations in the event we encounter any irregularity in the Company’s procedure, code, or reporting.”