CipherCoilTM Microchip

CipherCoil generates unhackable one-time pad, “OTP” cipher keys that super charge the security of JumPedal’s CipherCorps™ data storage cloud and client-to-client networking. CipherCoil’s BinaryAcceleration™ engine produces cipher keys that conform to U.S. 128- or -256 bit key length standards while providing millions of bits of unhackable security.

WebSite Under Construction

JumPedal has achieved a radical innovation in Information Technology through the creation of easily transmittable OTP ciphers.

We are reformatting our website to convey the significance of this achievement. In the meantime, we are providing the results of the NIST SP800-22 Revision 1a Statistical Test Suite for Randomness, which has been independently run and verified by DynAlysis Software Analytics. You can find more information in our one-time pad Q&A.