A Revolution in Communication

JumPedal is the creator of the paradigm defining BinaryAccelerationTM mathematical system and the InfintiyCoilTM microchip that drive unhackable Quantum signals across non-fiber networks. This combination of advanced mathematics and microchips convert linear digital messaging into multi-dimensional, digitally supported Quantum signals that are accessed and managed by 7XTM, a military grade network access portal and data storage utility. Collectively, the three technologies produce the end-to-end Quantum secure channels and components that construct our network and deliver unmatched anonymity and protection to our clients and their data.

Up until now there have been two prominent methods of transmitting information. The first known as analog, or waveform based signaling, is associated with the rabbit ear antennas that sat on top of black and white television sets. This signaling could transmit immense volumes of information, however it suffered from transmitting so much information that it became almost impossible to distinguish the signal from the background noise, commonly called “static”. Even though analog signaling had an almost infinite information capacity, its era ended in 1948 when Dr. Claude Shannon introduced the superior method of digital signaling. This system replaced its predecessor’s waveforms with strings of switches, or what is today known as digital or binary bits of 0s and 1s. Within several decades, this digital system swept the globe, virtually eliminating analog signaling. But that is not the whole story. Like its predecessor, digital signaling has its own set of limitations. Even though it’s free from noise, the limitations on its capacity require today’s networks to send and receive millions of individual bits for the transmission of even a small amount of data. This limitation sets the stage for the third phase of information transmission: JumPedal’s BinaryAccelerated DigitalTM signaling.

Technology Roll Out

JumPedal has substantially completed independent testing of our technologies. We are currently scheduling: client testing, chip development, manufacturing, and product rollouts. This scheduling requires commercialization funding, and multiple strategic partner relationships and their performance. We are currently projecting:

  • 7XTM for individual application to launch in summer of 2022 (fully tested)
  • 7XPTM for small to medium businesses to launch fall of 2022 (fully tested)
  • 7XPCloudTM to launch in 2023 (in development)
  • Quantum services across the network will be activated through the addition of BinaryAccelerationTM enabled InfinityCoilTM microchips that will be integrated into our network and our 7XTM product suite in 2023 (substantially tested)